Tuesday, January 24, 2017

European Western Comic Books ~ Kid Colt

Certainly this was one of the leaders of the Italian Pop Art Comics of the early 1970s, that is, the picture story "Spaghetti Western" KID COLT, published at the beginning of October 1971 by the publishing house C.I.R. Rome (which, also published Two Gun Kid). Fotoromanzi magazines were the rage during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The art incorporated taking film stills and placing them in a magazine format  to tell a story. Some leading such as Loredana Nusciak and Gianni Medici made a lucrative living making fotoromanzi magazines. It was a way for young talent to break into films by making their faces known to the general public and also extra income for character actors and other actors who could not make it in films to continue their careers or make some extra income.

The main peculiarity is that the picture story was not made in Abilene but in the countryside of Lazio, Italy.

Special Birthdays

Ernest Borgninie (actor) would have been 100 today, he died in 2012.

Daniel Boulanger (screenwriter) would have been 95 today, he died in 2014.

Marie-Pierre Casey (actress) is 80 today.

Barton Heyman (actor) would have been 80 today, he died in 1996.

Angel Alonso (actor) is 75 today.
Luciano Caceres (actor) is 40 today.

Monday, January 23, 2017

How We Got the Italian Movie Business Into Trouble: The True Story of Franco and Ciccio

Come inguaiammo il cinema italiano - La vera storia di Franco e Ciccio – Italian title
How We Got the Italian Movie Business Into Trouble: The True Story of Franco and Ciccio –
     English title

A 2003 Italian production [Cinico Cinema, Istituto Luce, Lucky Red (Rome)]
Producers: Giuseppe Bisso, Andrea Occhipinti
Directors: Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco                   
Story: Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco, Tatti Sanguineti, Claudia Uzzo
Screenplay: Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco, Tatti Sanguineti, Claudia Uzzo
Cinematography: Daniele Ciprì [color, black & white]
Music: Salvatore Bonafede
Running time: 100 minutes

Narrator – Franco Maresco
Franco Franchi [archive footage], Ciccio Ingrassia [archive footage], Giulio Andreotti, Lino Banfi, Pippo Buado, Laura Betti [archive footage], Mike Bongiorno, Lando Buzzanca, Alberto Caltellano, Pino Caruso, Giuseppe Cipri, Nino D’Angelo, Ninetto Davoli [archive footage], Vittorio De Sica [archive footage], Silvia Dionisio [archive footage], Goffredo Fofi , Buster Keaton [archive footage], Tullio Kezich, Mario Merola, Domenico Modugno [archive footage], Mario Monicelli, Gregorio Napoli, Francesco Puma, Tatti Sanguineti, Antoniettta Scalisi Bonetti, Alberto Sordi, Michele Massimo Tarantini, Little Tony, Totò [archive footage], Paolo Villaggio [archive footage], Lina Wertmuller

Special Birthdays

Dan Duryea (actor) would have been 110 today, he died in1968

Uwe Bohm (actor) is 55 today.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

RIP Jaki Liebezeit

Jaki Liebezeit, drummer and founding member of Krautrock legends Can, died January 22 of pneumonia. He was 78. Liebezeit recorded with Can for all the band’s studio albums, and performed and recorded throughout his life. While Liebezeit was arguably best known for his work with Can, some of his earliest recordings were as a member of Manfred Schoof’s bands in the late 1960s. He appeared on Brian Eno’s Before and After Science as well as solo records by Neu!’s Michael Rother. He would later collaborate with Depeche Mode and the Eurythmics. He formed drum-centric groups Drums Off Chaos and Club Off Chaos. Liebezeit along with his CAN bandmates can be heard on the Euro-western soundtracks of “Deadlock” (1970) and “Carlos” - 1971.